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Modern automotive engineering demands elastomers that can withstand high temperatures and aggressive substances and can meet the particular requirements of fuel-saving engine and car body designs. The demands in the oil exploration industry are just as high. Here, elastomers must weather aggressive environments, explosive decompression and high mechanical stresses.


Therban® is the answer to these needs.

Within its range of Therban® grades you will find solutions for the most demanding applications. Our committed team of experts will give you the necessary detailed advice.
Therban® is a partially or completely hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber. To make Therban®, ARLANXEO hydrogenates its Perbunan NT acrylonitrile butadiene rubber. While all HNBR products exhibit certain characteristics such as strength, heat resistance, and oil resistance superior to standard NBR and other polymers, only Therban® offers a selection of grades that will perform well across a range of the most extreme environments.

Therban's unique properties are uniquely suited to the conditions of your application. This means that your processes and your business can take advantage of Therban's versatility, making it possible to stock fewer materials and keep your process running with less downtime.
high resistance to oil and grease
ability to function at temperatures from - 40 °C to 165 °C
superior performance in aggressive fluids such as power steering fluids, automatic transmission fluids, engine oils, fuels, diesel and brake fluids
a unique range of thermally stable grades with both partial and full
saturation, ranging from 20 % ACN to 50 % ACN


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Trading in natural rubber and natural latex is the main business of WEBER & SCHAER . Regular visits to supplier countries keep us in constant contact with almost all important producers. A check of all goods arriving at our warehouse provides us with an overview of the quality of their products.

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