“Quality is our highest Principle”

Welcome to Our Website;

POLYPLAST  a family owned company that has been moving globally with its worldwide partners since 1985, was established with a 100 percent Turkish investment in İstanbul by NAZİF AKTAŞ.

Based on the understanding of honesty and customer satisfaction, until now Polyplast has been successfully continuing its work with its agencies, export, import, domestic market sales, factory and delivery services both within Turkey and international areas.

POLYPLAST is a reputable, stabilized, strong, honest and credible establishment.

POLYPLAST  aims to become a symbol of continuity, credibility and respectability among its clients, business partners and the side industries.

Our firm, being a pioneer in the rubber sector, provides services in diverse fields.

Our Values
  • To show respect to oneself and others honesty
  • Transparency towards the establishments we provide services to
  • To make an effort to be the best in every field we are active in
  • Never to compromise on the quaity of products and service
  • To act in an environmentally responsible way for Turkey and the world
  • To show respect towards a person who puts forward his potential
  • To show respect to diverse opinions and view points
Polyplast Ethic Rules
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Privacy
  • Ethical competition
  • Responsibility towards clients and employees
  • Respect towards employees' rights and fairness in decision making
Excellence Policy
  • Improving/developing employees
  • Working with a team spirit
  • Providing a continuously clean, organized and up to standard work environment


  • Developing an environment built on  mutual trust with our business partners
  • Superiority in quality
  • Continuity

In accordance with our respect, responsibility, honesty and continuous consistency towards the company itself, the clients and the business partners, by keeping our promises in a timely manner, to add extra value to our company, clients and business partners, to respond to their expectations with quality and consistency, to become the preferred firm in our sector with our high quality products and services, to become the favoured, reliable and sought after establishment with each job we undertake and each signature we sign...
by doing whatever is necessary personally and institutionally to deserve the trust that people put into our company and keeping our promises, to further enhance this trust for the achievement of success together.